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Ilustratie Aiswara Ray 4, Album: aishwarya rai

Foto Aiswara Ray 4. Este super COOL!

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Fotografie: Aiswara Ray 4 .jpg

Aiswara Ray 4
First name is Ray
Nice name
Thanks. Have you been on this site long?
Not very long. You? Where are you from?
I guess I would say for awhile but very rarely come on. US
Are you a military?
No but I work for a US contractor that has a contract with the military. What do you do?
I work in accounting
Very cool
:) you think?
Yes, means you are quite smart
What do you work?
I am an electrician
I never understood the electricity:)
How it travels through wires
Electrons being pushed by voltage
Ok :). Still is unknown for me
It is ok. Did you attend university in Buzau?
No, in Constanta
Nice. The Black Sea is pretty
Yes , it is
And I like the Constanta old city center
I like The beach and the heat. I like it to. Do you live in the town now?
Did you make friends?
Not too much really. I bet you have many friends

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