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indian marriage gmail com
Oh wow! have fun in india. any special plans there?
Just seeing my sister cousins..I go every 6 monyhs. Have u been to UK or India?
Oh yes! i ve been to both the uk and india. lovely places with lots to see and do.
So which part of India and UK have u visited and liked
In india i ve visited mumbai and in the uk i ve been to london. both amazing places with their own charm.
Glad you liked. So what do do? As work and career
I m a landscape architect. designing beautiful outdoor spaces and making the world a prettier place.
Wow sounds great
Thanks! i love what i do. it s a passion of mine.
I am sure
Absolutely! passion is what drives me every day.
Good for you. So originally where are you from
I m from slatina. born and raised here.
AHH ok lovely place I suppose
Oh yes! slatina is a charming little town with its own unique beauty.
Yes I know, one of the staff members of my team was from Slatina.
Small world! Maybe we know each other. just kidding.
May be. One will never know
Exactly! The world is full of surprises.
True, no one will know who is behind
Mystery is part of the fun.
Have more fun
Always looking for ways to have fun!
Thats fantastic
Glad you think so! fun is essential in life.
Always is
Absolutely! Life is too short to be serious all the time.
Yes, true, however easier said than done

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