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Fotografie How To Use A Vibrating Ring, Album: richie stringini

Imagine How To Use A Vibrating Ring. cu muuuulte poze,des si cu cele mai frumoase poze posibile

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how to use a vibrating ring
Yes. IT is contraceptive too
But i use for bleding. Was wery normal flow
Yes I know
With IT
Same thing with my wife
Abundance menstruation?
She lost a lot of blood each time. For years
Yes. And now?
Until one doctor recommend to use this inside. It is for 5 years
How old is She?
The ring is inside permanently for 5 years
Aaa. No. That kind of ring my body rejected. I try it. Too
Ohh really?
But had no menstruation for six month
There are new things now in the market
And i was to a stupid doctor and take IT outside. After another doctor told me i was wrong. That nothing bad could happened without bleeding
This is the problem. To find the right doctor
But i was afraid that i can take pounds , without a normal bleeding. So i found another doctor and he give me this ring. That i put inside. For 21 days. After i take outside and i 2 days start bleeding. And after bleeding buy other ring ....
So why to take it out?
And the cicle repeat. IT s for a limited use. 21 days. In every month i buy a new one
I see
IT is like a ring. Plastic ring. Maleabile
Is it painful to put it in?
No. ^Is soft


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